CareGeneral is your command center to better communicate, coordinate, support and train everyone involved in managing the care of your loved ones.

Our Mission

There are over 65 million family caregivers in the United States today. Many of you work full or part-time. Most of you feel overwhelmed. Our mission is to help you better balance your caregiving responsibilities with work, family, and life. By helping you take command of the care process, CareGeneral simplifies your life, reducing stress, saving time, and allowing you to feel more confident about the care your loved one is receiving.

How We Help

CareGeneral centralizes and organizes health information, care directives, files, instruction, and updates, helping you and all members of your care team better understand, coordinate and manage the care process. With our mobile and web-based application, CareGeneral helps you build customized care plans, track progress and compliance, and communicate with members of your care team on a real time basis. You can manage and monitor daily tasks (i.e. medications), post comments, videos, or files to share privately or with all members of your care team, and record critical health statistics such as blood pressure and cholesterol. With CareGeneral all members of your team are coordinated and in-sync at all times.

The Benefits

With your loved one’s care plan, reports, files and discussions all in one place, you and everyone on your team will always know where to find required information and the current status of your loved one’s situation. With everyone updated at the same time, you will spend much less time on email, text messaging and the phone. CareGeneral’s task management system also allows you or other care team members to easily create, assign, prioritize and comment on tasks, so everyone knows who is responsible, what’s getting done and who is doing it. CareGeneral sends out push notifications and emails as alerts and reminders so team members know exactly when important upcoming tasks are due (or overdue!).

Get Expert Help

At times, many family caregivers need professional advice and support.  CareGeneral allows families to remotely connect with professional care managers to get immediate online assistance. CareGeneral works with certified geriatric care managers to provide the absolute best independent professional advice available, and makes that advice accessible to everyone on your CareGeneral team.

The most important technological benefits reported by caregivers are:

77 % Saving Time
75 % Recipient Feeling Safer
76 % Caregiving Made Easier
74 % Reducing Stress



CareGeneral’s core focus is on helping informal caregivers effectively manage at-home care by simplifying, centralizing, and coordinating the workflow process.


Web App

Meet your care workstation—an intuitive dashboard to build personalized care plans, post updates and comments, share files, and have private discussions with team members or one of our care professionals. All information is easily accessed, modified, and shared on a real-time basis: providers, family, and other care team members are always in sync and know exactly what has been completed, what needs to be done, and by whom. With a calendar, alerts, reminders, and reporting, CareGeneral helps proactively manage potential problems before they occur, reducing mistakes, improving monitoring and medication compliance, lowering family stress, and helping deliver best-of-class care to your loved one.

Mobile App

CareGeneral’s mobile application allows you to connect with your care team and loved one’s care plan while on vacation, traveling for work, or anytime you are on the go from your smartphone or tablet. The mobile interface is simple, intuitive, and designed to be used by people of all technological and education levels. Using CareGeneral’s mobile application, you and your team can manage and complete tasks, post comments, record medical monitoring data (e.g. blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, etc.), and upload images to share with other team members. Multiple care recipients can be managed through the mobile interface as well. (Currently works with iPhone and iPad only).


As a cloud-based service, CareGeneral requires no downloads onto local computers. A user's computer only needs to run a web browser—our cloud network takes care of the rest. This structure allows users to securely access our care management system at any time wherever they have an internet connection. In a cloud-based system, all data is updated and in sync across a care team network; it also provides constant updates with low-set up costs and flexibility for development and customization. There's no delay in communication between care team members: everyone logged into CareGeneral gets updates real time.

HIPAA and Data Security

A recent report by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) found that physical theft was the most common type of large data breach, which is virtually eliminated when utilizing HIPAA compliant cloud storage.  Per HHS requirements, CareGeneral includes clear access control policies, procedures, and technology to restrict who has authorized access to personal health information (PHI), restricted and locked areas where PHI is stored, appropriate data backup, disaster recovery, and emergency operation strategies, and technical security mechanisms, such as encryption, to protect data that is transmitted through a network.


  • “I love how easy it is to check the schedule for the day on my iPad.”

  • “I think what this app offers is fantastic for people who need to monitor and be aware of a lot—when I do assessments of caregivers I ask for the very same information that is on CareGeneral.”

  • “CareGeneral is critical in getting all members of the care team connected and engaged in the process.”

  • “During really stressful times in caregiving we’re not thinking as clearly so the app is great for us to reference important information.”

  • “Very user-friendly. Very simple.”

  • “My parents have a lot of medications and sometimes they change. CareGeneral is great for keeping track of everything.”

  • “We use discussions to keep track of everything so we have a timeline and can see patterns and document the who, why, where and when of the situation.”

  • “I really wanted to have one system to use with all my family members and I think this is a great tool for that.”

  • “I absolutely love it. It’s so much like the job I currently do. I take care of several disabled individuals in their homes and from the minute I walk in I start charting everything and I’m trying to carry that over to what I do with my friend.  CareGeneral is the perfect tool for this.”

  • “It’s great because it provides a record for us to refer back to.”

  • “CareGeneral is the best that I've found.”


Caring for a loved one is a team effort—and everyone’s team is different. Family members, paid providers, neighbors, volunteers—with CareGeneral, coordinating care becomes effortless. As a result, the quality of care improves as well.

The recipient—whether an aging parent or a special needs child—is the center of the CareGeneral model. Providing better care at each level is our main focus.

Care Recipient

Our Main Focus

Direct, daily caregivers are involved in every aspect of the recipient’s care. CareGeneral keeps everyone in the loop at all times.


The Front Line

With CareGeneral, the care recipient’s family members are privy to all aspects of their loved one’s care at all times, whether they are actively involved or not.


Loved Ones

Oftentimes a recipient has a team of doctors, therapists, and geriatric care managers assisting with his or her care. CareGeneral makes sure they’re all on the same page.


Healthcare Experts


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