What Care Teams Say


“I really like it and see it as a valuable tool for many families who care for those with significant care needs. I really appreciate the website.”

“CareGeneral is the best that I’ve found.”

“By tracking all the caretakers and appointments I have been able to visualize the ‘big picture’ and then better able to organize everyone and my thoughts.”

“The care plan is a nice feature – I like having all the information in one place to share with other caregivers.”

“I really wanted to have one system to use with all my family members and I think this is a great tool for that.”

“Overall very easy to use and intuitive.”

“It’s easy to add tasks – everything is very smooth flowing. I like the option to have pictures on the site so you can display the care recipient’s personality.”

“It’s good for my sister and I since we’re long distance, we can see who is supposed to be doing what.”

“We use discussions to keep track of everything so we have a timeline and can see patterns and document the who, why, where and when of the situation.”

“The most valuable thing about CareGeneral is having a place to document and share all the medical history.”

“I would definitely recommend this site – no question there!”

“It’s a great way to have a medical history right in front of us.”

“By filling out the care plan, I have gained a much better understanding of the total picture of my mom’s health/situation.”

“The ability to see Care Plan info on the fly is awesome.”

“It’s pretty well thought out and organized. It’s just a matter of clicking.”

“Pretty self-explanatory.”

“If any one of us is taking dad somewhere we will put it in CareGeneral.”

“I like that I can print everything out as a pdf whenever I need a hard copy.”

“It’s a fantastic idea. Very user friendly. Very simple.”

“When Mom needs more help it will be good to have this information to share with others.”

“I like the catch-ups because they ‘catch you up’ when you’ve been out of the loop and it motivates you to get on the site. It’s a trigger.”

“I like being able to share files. We posted Dad’s MRI and I liked being able to view that.”

“It’s great because it provides a record for us to refer back to.”

“Having the app on the device is very useful with the push notifications.”

“We are a family that is diverse so we don’t agree on a lot of things so the levels of permission are important.”