What Experts Say


“WFD Consulting is a work-life consulting firm, recognized as a leader in the field. Over the last 30 years, we have partnered with hundreds of global Fortune 500 companies, universities, and other organizations to improve their workplaces through supportive, flexible, and effective ways of working. We specialize in the development and implementation of strategies for work-life effectiveness and diversity that enhance employee engagement and performance. We have been at the forefront of recognizing the variety of needs employees have in meeting the responsibilities of home and work, and were pioneers in establishing corporate-sponsored services for employees with elder care responsibilities.

It is with this background and knowledge of what kinds of services employees with elder caregiving responsibilities find helpful and supportive in their daily lives, and what services allow them to be productive and focused at work—while at the same time assuring that their elders are receiving the care they need—that we are so excited and encouraged by the CareGeneral platform. Services that help people save time; can be accessed on demand, anytime, anywhere; can be shared across family members and caregivers; and enhance the quality of care the elder receives are exactly what employee caregivers need and ask for. CareGeneral seems to do all that and more, providing a bridge between the relative caregivers and the paid caregivers. This improved communication will serve the elder well, and will decrease the stress felt by the employee caregiver whether that person lives 10 minutes or 1,000 miles away. It’s a great use of today’s technology to answer an ever increasing need!”

Judith Presser
Senior Consultant
WFD Consulting


“What makes CareGeneral truly special is that it was developed and designed based on feedback and recommendations from individuals who beta tested the tool while in the actual throes of caring for a loved one. CareGeneral was essentially built for caregivers by caregivers so it offers everything a caregiver needs to streamline and improve communication and coordination of their caregiving workflow in order to enhance the care experience for both carers and their care recipients.”

Jacquelyn J. Benson, PhD
Senior Research Associate
Institute on Aging
Managing Editor
InvestigAge and aging in action
Mather LifeWays

“I would like to express Mather LifeWays’ support for CareGeneral, a cutting edge tool designed to support informal family caregivers working together with their care teams to meet the needs of their family members. Caregivers are looking for an intuitive, user-friendly, and effective means of coordination and managing the short and long-term care needs of their loved ones. We believe that CareGeneral provides an innovative solution to this critical need among caregivers.

As a provider of an array of caregiver programs online, our products reach a yearly average audience of 1,500 users across 8 countries, including, but not limited to, China, Brazil, Mexico and the US. We have a firm grasp of the market and believe that CareGeneral fills a significant gap for online care management tools. We anticipate many opportunities to collaborate in providing our already established customer base with this tool.”

Jon Woodall
Director of Corporate Workforce Wellness Programs
Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging


“CareGeneral is an exciting and innovative new way for professional care managers to connect with families and share trusted expert help and advice. Based on my company’s participation in the CareGeneral feasibility study, I am confident that CareGeneral is a promising and powerful platform that will help bring the services of professional care managers to a much wider audience in a very efficient and user-friendly way.”

Stephanie Swerdlow, LCSW; CMC
Elder Options, Inc.
Geriatric Care Manager